Welcome to De Boosters!

SSV De Boosters is the student squash club of Nijmegen. We are happy to welcome you to our club with lots of squash-related activities such as training and tournaments, as well as non-squash-related activities to have fun and get to know your fellow squash buddies better. At De Boosters, you can tune your experience as you like ranging from the laid back occasional court visit to full-on competitive squash competition. Moreover, are you getting bored with the standard one-on-one matches? We also dive into two-on-two double tournaments from time to time!

How to get started?

You can always sign up immediately by completing the form following THIS LINK. Alternatively, you can freely join and have a taste at one of the open evenings. Every second Wednesday of the month, we host an open club evening from 20:00 to 23:00 h. There’s no need to sign up and you can just show up at the Radboud Sports Centre squash courts to join. During this evening, we also lend out rackets and balls.

When do we offer training?

Our standard squash evenings are on Mondays and Wednesdays and you can enrol four weeks in advance.


Training will be organised by an experienced trainer from the Radboud Sports Centre, Bas Hinten. The first two timeslots (19:00 – 21:30 h) are reserved for members enrolled in the regional competition. The final timeslot (21:00 – 23:00 h) is open for all members to enrol in. Also, all members can enrol in the competition training from Wednesdays 18:00 h when free spots are available.


Every first and third Wednesday of the month, experienced members from the club will organise training from 20:00 till 21:00 h. This training is reserved for recreational players. Additionally, every second Wednesday of the month we organise an open club evening (OCA) where everyone is welcomed. Please do bring your friends! Finally, every fourth Wednesday of the month we organise a closed club evening (BCA) which is just for members.

No need to speak Dutch!

Certainly not! Although the website is still largely in Dutch we try to communicate in both English and Dutch as much as possible (please remind us if we forget). Our trainers also speak English and as such, not speaking Dutch is not a problem.

We also organise other activities.

Every third Tuesday of the month we organise the Boosters Borrel (Boosters drinks) at Bar Ruygh. Next to that, we also organise monthly non-squash-related activities. For example, among other things, bowling, barbecuing, Christmas dinner, and trampoline jumping at Bounz.

What are the costs?

You can sign up for half a year (€ 15,-) or a year (€ 25,-) as a recreational member. If you want to join in the regional competition you can only sign up for a year (€ 60,-). Additionally, you will need a membership to the Radboud Sports Centre. Check here for prices.