About us

Good to see you found us! Welcome.

We are the student squash association De Boosters, the most fun squash association of Nijmegen (and The Netherlands). Our association consists of almost a hundred members with a common interest: squash! The skill level of our members is highly diverse, ranging from players with hardly any experience to competitive members that partake in tournaments and competitions. Currently, we mainly play during our hours on Mondays and Wednesdays.

De Boosters focus on two things: squash and social events. Next to our squash-related activities such as trainings and tournaments we also organize social activities such as get-togethers (borrels) and fun activities.

On this page you'll find more information about the (open) squash activities we are organizing in September and Oktober. It also explains how to sign up!

An impression of the standard Boosters month:

  • Every Monday (20:00 - 23:00) a variety of squash activities, such as:
    • First and third Monday of every month: training by experienced members, and free games;
    • Second Monday of every month: Open Clubevening (OCA), where also all non-members are welcome to get to know us and play.
    • Fourth(/fifth) Monday of every month: different kinds of events such as Closed Clubevening (BCA), Toss, and One-Night Tournament (ONT).
  • Every Wednesday (19:00 - 23:00) training by our experienced in-house trainer Bas Hinten:
    • Three timeslots starting at 19:00, 20:15, and 21:30;
    • Priority access for our competition-playing members in the first two slots.
  • Every Saturday and Sunday we have free-to-play slots between 15:00 and 17:00 and sometimes organized tournaments.
  • Every third Tuesday of the month starting at 20:00: the Borrel at Bar Ruig (Koningstraat 9, Nijmegen). Have some drinks with our members.
  • At least once every month at different days and times: activities organized by our activities committee.

Next to that, Boosters members regularly organize spontaneous games nights, clubbing evenings, and more. We also have Whatsapp groups in which you can easily find new squash partners at any given time. And also, some of our members regularly visit external tournaments that you can join. Finally, if you want to play in the regional competition, that's also possible. Remember, nothing is mandatory, everything is possible.

Did we peak your interest? Let us know by joining our open clubevenings or send an email to bestuur@deboosters.nl. Read more here on our membership costs. And, hopefully, see you soon at the courts!