Open tosses and squash training in September and October. Subscribe and see you soon on the court!

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For English press here and sign up right away! The sign up form is in English!

During September and October, we organize extra open Squash evenings. Drop by to play some squash with the Boosters, but please make sure you subscribe via
the following form: play at the most beautiful squash courts in the Netherlands, the ones of the Radboud Sports Centre (RSC), our homebase. Would you like to join us for some squash, but still lack a sportscard, please notify us three days in advance by sending an email to

Preliminary planning open squash evenings:

MoSept 4th19:00-20:15 (beginner/intermediate)
20:15-21:30 (intermediate/advanced)
Open Training
FriSept 8th20:00-22:15Open toss
MoSept 11th20:00-21:30 Open club evening
FriSept 15th20:00-22:15Open toss
MoSept 18th19:00-20:15 (beginner/intermediate)
20:15-21:30 (intermediate/advanced)
Open Training
TueSept 19thva. 20:00Social
FriSept 22nd20:00-22:15Open toss
MoSept 25th20:00-21:30 Open club evening
FriSept 29th20:00-22:15Open toss
MoOct 2nd19:00-20:15 (beginner/intermediate)
20:15-21:30 (intermediate/advanced)
Open Training
FriOct 6th20:00-22:15Open toss
MoOct 9th20:00-21:30 Open club evening
FriOct 13th20:00-22:15Open toss
MoOct 16th19:00-20:15 (beginner/intermediate)
20:15-21:30 (intermediate/advanced)
Open Training
TueOct 17thva. 20:00Social
FriOct 20th20:00-22:15Open toss
MoOct 23rd20:00-21:30 Open club evening
FriOct 27th20:00-22:15Open toss
MoOct 30th19:00~23:00One Night Tournament (Uitsluitend voor leden)
PPlanning of open squash in the months September and October.

Short description of squash evenings
Open club evenings
On the second and fourth Monday of the month (8:00 pm - 9:30 pm) we organize our open club evenings. Member or not, feel welcome to join us for some squash and some drinks and laughs at Sportscafé the Yard afterwards!

Open training
The open trainings on Monday are given by our more experienced players. They will guide you through several exercises and give you tips to improve your skills on court.

Open toss
During the toss, you can play a few games with fellow members or introduces. If there are more than 8 players, one or two courts will be used to play the game of three quarters.

Open One Night Tournament (OONT)
It is all in the name. You will be grouped according to your level of play, which means that exciting matches will await you! And you might win a prize!

Please fill in the form to subscribe for the open activities, because we need to know and channel the number of players to make sure it will not be too crowded. Also please note that the schedule is subject to change for this reason!

See you soon on the courts! Register here: here to partake in the fun! In case of questions, send an email to or call//text Roel (+316-21254223) .

For English press the English flag button in the right corner below or here.

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