Open Club Evenings (OCA's)

These are the evenings to challenge your friends! On these evenings (8 P.M. until at least 9:30 P.M.) everyone is welcome, also non-members! (Board) members will be present to tell you all about our club, the Boosters, and will gladly show you all our club has to offer. Open Club Evenings (OCA's) take place every second Monday of the month from 8:00 pm until 9:30 pm. Check our calender to see when the next one will be! Registration is not required if you are in possession of a sports card. See you on court!

In September/October and in February usually all kind of open activities take place, like open training sessions, tosses and tournaments. For these activities registration is required. Check here to see the most recent schedule and more information about how to register.

N.B. No sports subscription? No problem! Join us, but let us know beforehand (best by mail:!