Joining SSV De Boosters

As an association, we are always looking for new members and try our best to make squash as enjoyable as possible. It doesn't matter whether your ambition is to finally hit a single ball or that you finally want to beat that nr. 1 player of the club. At SSV De Boosters you are welcomed on any level. Moreover, we are home to many socially active members that give you the opportunity to make your experience in Nijmegen both more sporty and more social!

Associated costs

We have several memberships available. Below you can find the costs associated with each membership.

Half-year recreational member
  • €15,- for students
  • €35,- for alumni

Recreational member
  • €25,- for students
  • €65,- for alumni

Competitive member
  • €60,- for students
  • €110,- for alumni
  • Priority access to training provided by our competitive members
  • Partake in the regional competition Kleine Kompetitie

Recreational and competitive membership

More will follow.

What are the terms of a membership?

We have two requirements in order to register for a membership with SSV De Boosters: (1) you must study at a higher educational institute such as the HAN and Radboud University at the time registration and (2) you must be in posession of a valid membership card of the Radboud Sportcentre. If you do not meet these requirements, please contact us via

If you do meet all the requirements we look forward to seeing your application.

Please, also read our statutes and house rules before registering.