Boosters ladder competition

The squash ladder from De Boosters, the ladder that will never get you wasted! 

Get moving and challenge your fellow boosters in an internal competition: the Boosters Squash Ladder. For every level accessible and competitive. To what height can you get?

Information: A ladder is an individual and internal competition where you compete against new opponents once in a while. If you win often, you rise; if you lose (too) much, you go down a spot. Various systems are possible. 

Below is an explanation of how our ladder system works: 

  • The ladder competition is divided into groups of three participants.
  • The number of groups depends on the number of participants. Group 1 is the highest group with the strongest players.
  • As a participant you play two matches, either best of 3 or best of five games, against the two other players in your group.
  • Every round lasts for (nearly) three weeks.
  • You are responsible to contact your opponents yourself. You might want to play both of your matches in one go (two more souls the merrier) and to do so, you should meet with the three of you to play a triangular match. Afterwards you might need to compensate for (un)sporty behavior with drinks in the bar!
  • After each round, the new groups will be formed. In between subscribing or unscribing is possible (preferably the former, hmm). Check the table below for an overview of playing rounds' dates and duration.

Want to subscribe for the next round?

An overview of the playing rounds of the ladder. Subscribing in between is possible, you will be placed in a group the round after. Wanna join? Subscribe here: here If you subscribe before the end date of a round, you can join the direct round after!

RoundStarting dateEnd date of roundCalender weeks #Week of the month
1Monday February 27th 2023Friday March 17th 20239 + 10 + 114th + 1st + 2nd
2Monday March 20th 2023Friday April 7th 202312 + 13 + 143rd + 4th + 1st
3Monday April 10th 2023Friday April 28th 202315 + 16 + 172nd + 3rd + 4th
4Monday May 1st 2023Friday May 19th 202318 + 19 + 201st + 2nd + 3rd
5Monday May 22th 2023Friday June 9th 202321 + 22 + 234th + 5th + 1st
6Monday June 12th 2023Friday June 30th 202324 + 25 + 262nd + 3rd + 4th

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Send an email to or let one of the members of the technical committee (Yoeri & Aldwin) or the board (Mitchell, Roel & Fouad) know.