There are multiple options to play squash competitively.

The national squash association offers a competition that is ordered per region. As a member, you can participate in regional competition and join clubladder. A few members signed up for this competition, which means they have acquired an official ranking. As for Boosters as a club, we do not yet partake in this competition, because it is more costly and because only a single match is played in the team tournament competition.

The other competition is the Compact-CompetitionBoosters are used to play in the compact competition. This is a southern regional competition with a diverse poule of players, ranging from beginner to veterans with 25 years of battle experience.

The competition is comprised of two semesters. The first half starts during October and the second half starts in around March and runs into June. In between the two half year's competition you will either promote, degrade or stay in the same poule.
Elk team bestaat momenteel uit minimaal drie spelers. Een team kan eventueel uit meer dan drie spelers bestaan en rouleren. Alle wedstrijden worden gespeeld op vrijdagavond, ongeveer eens in de drie weken.  Je speelt dan twee wedstrijden per persoon. Een avond begint rond 20:00 en afhankelijk hoe snel er gespeeld wordt eindigt deze uiterlijk om 23:00, waarna eventueel nog nageborreld kan worden! De speellocatie is afhankelijk van waar het thuisteam vandaan komt. Dit kan bijvoorbeeld Berkel-Enschot, Eindhoven of Nijmegen zijn. De locaties zijn bereikbaar binnen een uur reizen met de auto of 1.5 uur met het OV.

What to expect from an evening of competition?
- Two matches against opponents of a similar level of play.
- A match is played in the best-of-five games format.
- Every game you win is worth a point. This means you can win three points per match. If you have won two out of three matches as a team, you earn two bonus points.

What are the advantages of being a competition member?
- Priority access to the competition trainings on Wednesday evenings (19:00-20:15 and 20:15-21:30).
- Once in three weeks it is Friday matchday! Here you play against two opponents with a different style or strategy.
- After the matches are played, there are usually drinks and bites!

What are the costs of playing in the team competition?
35 euros extra for students and 45 euros extra for non-students.

Mocht je vragen hebben dan kun je terecht bij het bestuur (Willeke of Roel) of bij de technische commissie (Aldwin & Yoeri). Voor aanmelden kun je een mailtje sturen naar of iemand van het bestuur/technische commissie aanspreken.